Focus on what you do best

...and let us handle the rest. We proactive seek out ways to improve the websites under our care and implement top-notch services and solutions that make your life easier.

Web Hosting

We utilize hosting services optimized specifically for WordPress

Managed WordPress Hosting

Rather than try to become experts at both WordPress and web hosting, we focus on WordPress and leave the managed hosting to the experts. Depending on the needs of the site, we will provide hosting from either Kinsta or GridPane as part of our services. We've used many of the top WordPress managed hosting solutions and been disappointed by most of them. These two are leading the pack and we couldn't be happier working with them.

Onsite and Offsite Backups

Your website is important to us and we run a complete backed up every 24hrs. Not only that, but we make two separate backups. One is made through the hosting service and stored there. The other is made separately and stored on Amazon's servers. This ensures that even if the datacenter storing your website were to disappear, we would be back up and running in no time with the restoration of the offsite backup.

Uptime Monitoring

We use multiple uptime monitoring services to ensure that we are the first to know if your site ever goes down. If it fails to respond to our uptime monitors, we are immediately alerted so we can investigate.

Nightly Software Updates

The time between plugin vulnerabilities being discovered can be as little as a few days. We used to manually update plugins once a week, but that's not enough. We provide automated nightly updates with regression testing. This will alert us if an update makes any visual changes to the site.

Web hosting is included in all our plans.

Check out our pricing page to compare plans.

Spam Filtering

Every comment and every form submission gets filtered for spam. Stop wasting your time manually going through messages to sort out the spam.

Protection and Security

We scan for malware and proactively protect against plugin vulnerabilities.

Malware scanning

We run automated malware scans on your site every day. If malware is found, we are alerted immediately.

Malware Removal

If our malware scans find anything, we will remove the malware free of charge. If needed, we will not hesitate to bring in malware removal pros to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Automatic Vulnerability Patching

New plugin vulnerabilities are found every week. The security researchers at Patchstack actively search for vulnerabilities and provide fixes. We automatically apply those fixes to your website so you're safe even when plugin authors are slow to fix their own code.

Add protection and security to Basic plan


Malware scanning and removal included in:

Advanced plan

Automatic vulnerability patching included in:

Mission Critical plan

Pagespeed and Performance

Improved performance helps your search rankings and gives visitors a better experience.

Cloudflare CDN

A content deliver network stores cached copies of your site around the globe so that visitors can load the site from the nearest location.

Image Optimization

Images store a significant amount of data that isn't visible to the naked eye. Image optimization remove the unneeded data to create smaller file sizes, and therefore faster load times.

Manual Speed Optimization

WordPress is a great tool, but the tools that build on top of WordPress are what sets this ecosystem apart. Need a layout builder, web forms, SEO tools, image galleries, appointment booking, or performance enhancements? We have thousands of dollars worth of tools that can quickly add features to your websites.

Add pagespeed and performance to Basic plan


Cloudflare CDN and Image Optimization included in:

Advanced plan

Manual Speed Optimization included in:

Mission Critical plan


We help you keep your site safe in a changing legal landscape

Privacy Policy

In many locations, any site that user related information (such as tracking cookies or submitted form data) must include a privacy policy specifying how that data will and will not be used. We help you build and automatically maintain up-to-date privacy policies that automatically update when laws change.

Terms of Service

Terms of service can lessen your liability, protect your intellectual property, save costs by specifying where you will resolve disputes, and lessen the amount of damages for which you could be considered responsible.

Automated Tracking Consent

Not only do many locations require you to have a privacy policy if you're tracking users, but many locations also require you to get consent before gathering data. We help you manage user consent to stay within your legal rights.

Add legality services to Basic plan:


Legality services included in:

Advanced and mission critical plans

(More info coming soon)